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    Welcome To Yasir Broast

    Best Food . Entertainment . Quick Service

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    About Yasir Broast

    Yasir Broast is exceptionally renowned and one of the topmost restaurants in Pakistan by the grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. It provides a warm and agreeable environment 24 hours a day with comfortable dining experience to make its guests relished and delighted. Yasir Broast is nicely decorated, embellished and illuminated restaurant it aims to give you great care and services according to great hygienic norms. Yasir Broast furnishes a peaceful refreshing ambiance for breakfast , lunch , dinner and anything in between.The attentive and friendly service nicely compliments the comfortable surroundings to create pleasant and rewarding experience.High quality ingredients and fresh organic products are used whenever is possible to offer dinners and healthful cuisine that can only be found at very few restaurants in Lahore.

    Free Music
    Yasir Broast nicely attempts to bring a sweet and remarkable environment for the customers to make them relaxed and fresh by playing soothing music for them.
    Free Wi-Fi Zone
    Yasir Broast gives free wifi service in the restaurant and makes it easy with convenient use of internet for its customers to stay in touch with their social activities.
    Game Zone
    While Yasir Broast cares about elders then how it can forget its kids. It provides the game zones for their entertainment.They can play good and hazard free games.

    Our Speciality

    Delicious & Fresh Food
    Yasir Broast is the place to have delicious food which always comes up with fresh food for its customers. Because their satisfactions and gratifications about food freshness and services is our basic axiom and responsibility.That is why Yasir Broast never compromises with food quality .
    Best Drinks
    Eating without drinking doesn’t make your diet accomplished nicely.Yasir Broast brings a lot of beverages to make your meal absolute,which keeps you healthy and makes you feel the rejoices of dining in best restaurant.That,s why Yasir Broast cares about your health.
    Sunday Breakfast
    Yasir Broast Provides breakfast facility for its customers only on Sunday and the timing of breakfast is 7:00 am to 11:30 am. Which is available only on Johar Town branch and all the traditional meals are available in breakfast like Puri Halwa , Paye , Murgh Chany , Mugaz , Khad , Lassi etc.

    Quick Home Delivery

    Yasir Broast also provides the Quick Home Delivery service for the customer,s facility .

    What People Are Saying

    • Mr Rehan says great Meal, delicious taste and efficient service! It is my wonderful experience.

      ~ Mr Rehan , Happy family
    • Mr Riza says it is an excellent restaurant. Delicious meal and superb service.

      ~ Mr Riaz , Happy family
    • Mr Asif says amazing food and an amazing environment I would definitely recommend it to people.

      ~ Mr Asif , Happy family
    • Mr Asif says amazing food and an amazing environment I would definitely recommend it to people.

      ~ Mr Asif , Happy family


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